MUMBOX Multimedia Switcher for Coaches

Client: bus manufacturer

More and more coaches are equipped with video monitors to provide entertainment and information. Such bus entertainment systems require a powerful and reliable control panel. On behalf of a a large bus manufacturer, DResearch has developed such a unit, the MUMBOX. It is factory-installed in coaches as a standard feature.

This box allows the driver to play media streams (audio and video) on the individual screens. The MUMBOX switches different video and audio inputs to different video and audio outputs. It is controlled via CAN bus commands. The software runs on an Atmel microcontroller and is written in Embedded C. The video chip used in the MUMBOX allows the fading in of text and symbols in the video.

DResearch vehicle electronics has developed both the hardware and software of MUMBOX in cooperation with DResearch Digital Media Systems and also launched its production and distribution.


Protocol Adaptation for Replacement of obsolete Video Technology

Client: Azienda Trasporti Milanesi S.p.A.

ATM is a long-standing client of DResearch vehicle electronics. DResearch video systems are used in the company’s trams and underground railway. The task was to replace existing systems from other manufacturers with the modern HydraIP recorder.

For this purpose it was necessary to adapt the previous communication protocol that was tailored to the existing systems in such a way that the HydraIP recorder can communicate with the on-board computers. In addition, an adapter box had to be designed that is plug compatible with the replacement units.

The first three prototypes have been delivered and are currently proving themselves in practice. After successful testing, a three-figure number of trams shall be equipped with the new systems in the coming years.