Passenger Counting

Until now, passenger counting had to be done either manually or it was outrageously expensive. This is where our solution comes in. We make automatic passenger counting not only more accurate, but also by up to 50 percent cheaper than previously available systems. It works like this: the control unit we developed detects the count data from up to four counting units, links it with relevant travel data and makes it available via special interfaces. The data can, provided there are corresponding networks, be accessed in real time via WLAN or 4G/LTE and evaluated centrally with special software.

HydraIP users have a choice between the two leading counting technologies on the market. The recorders are equipped to infrared counting modules or integrate optoelectronic counting modules.

The counting modules (their counting accuracy is 99 percent!) work with smart 3-D camera technology that can also be used for other purposes. So streams from the over-door cameras can be recorded in the system and provide the basis for control counts. The HydraIP system can also stream the video live on the driver monitor when the bus stops. So the driver can always keep an eye on what happens at the doors.