The aim of the European Celtic-PLUS project VIRTUOSE is to perform cloud-based analysis and virtualisation of image and video data.

The focus of the German sub-project VIRTUOSE-DE, meanwhile, is on the application scenario “video-based security in public transport” (VBSxPT), in which individual suspects can be identified and located by means of cloud-based image data analysis. The image data is recorded by the video surveillance systems in vehicles and sent to the cloud for further processing.

Cloud-based analysis algorithms compare image data from other vehicles to identify individual suspects and track them across different vehicles.
In the event of a successful identification, security personnel are alerted who can then take further action. The image data, along with additional data (e.g. location, vehicle data and time), are made directly available to mobile devices for security personnel.

Identification and tracking occurs in close to real time.
It is also possible to integrate the data into stationary security systems. The fully automated system helps to increase safety in public transport vehicles and also gives passengers an increased sense of security.

“The research leading to these results has received funding from the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy under the VIRTUOSE-DE project.”