Markus Rohling joins Marc-Oliver Brammann as the new Managing Director of DResearch Fahrzeugelektronik GmbH.


As part of a long-term succession plan, 51% of the shares in DResearch Fahrzeugelektronik Group are transferred to Berlin-based iris-GmbH with retroactive effect from 1 January 2020. Marc-Oliver Brammann is appointed Managing Director of the group alongside Dr. Michael Weber (see press release).


Our unmanaged PoE Switch ESW2828 is successfully introduced to the market. The HydraIP recorders are extended by the recording of CAN-FMS data. More than 19,000 HydraIP systems are already in use worldwide.


Introduction of our own innovative analogue camera, which perfectly complements our HydraIP recorders. Further camera models (DV and IP) are in preparation.


New generation of hybrid recorders: The tried and tested HydraIP MR3xxx series will be replaced by the high-performance MR4xxx series at the start of 2016. Our ESW1820 unmanaged network switch, which is approved for use in trains and buses, will go into series production.


We are further expanding our automatic passenger counting solutions and adding new, innovative products, such as the on-board computer HydraIP SmartTerminal and an IP network monitor, to our portfolio.


Other counting technologies are built into the recorder.
Presentation of the Hydra MR4220, a NAS drive with up to 8TB storage capacity for video recording by high-resolution cameras in vehicles.


DFE video systems are used in more than twelve countries. More than 530 national and international clients trust the video expertise of DResearch.


Presentation of the fleet management system for HydraIP, integration of automatic passenger counting modules. Development of topology recognition for HydraIP in the vehicle group.


Establishing DResearch Fahrzeugelektronik GmbH (DFE) and takeover of all video system-related development and production processes of DResearch Digital Media Systems GmbH (DMS).


Presentation of the HydraIP recorder (third recorder generation).


Establishment of Derovis GmbH for direct sales in Germany.


The second recorder generation for use in vehicles, the MR3140, is presented to the public.


The development of the first recorder generation for public transportation with GPRS transmission (TO3100) in cooperation with Siemens Building Technologies (SBT); equipping of 400 underground railcars of the Berlin Transport Services (BVG).


Development of a video server for the branches of the Deutsche Bundesbank. Recording and process tracking of more than 60 partly very different cameras.


Extension of the transmission technology by 2-wired paths (analogue phone, ISDN).
Signing of a first distribution agreement for the TO2100.
Client order development of a recorder in cigarette box size for investigations.


Presentation of the TeleObserver TO 2100 at the Security in Essen as a small, self-sufficient video transmitter for wireless networks (GSM).


First major contract for the supply of video transmission systems to the Customs Criminal Office and other federal agencies.


Conception of ​​a first prototype of the ‘TeleObserver’ in a 19-inch housing. GSM networks are used for video transmission.


Establishing the DResearch Digital Media Systems GmbH (DMS) by Dr. rer. nat. Michael Weber and three other former employees of the Berlin Humboldt University. The objective is the development, production and distribution of video transmission and recording systems for professional applications.