HydraIP ST1022 SmartTerminal

  • Smart terminal/on-board computer with 12 inch touch screen display
  • Automatic backlight compensation and brightness control
  • Integrated data communication 4G/LTE/WLAN
  • Integrated Navigation (GPS Navstar)
  • Host for additional applications (e.g. eTicketing, ITCS)
  • 2 x Ethernet network interfaces
  • Single-Line Technology: Combination of power supply & data communication
  • VESA mounting or flush mounting
  • Certified for use in road and rail vehicles

IP Monitor with touchscreen and browser HydraIP MM2010 10.1 T


The HydraIP MM2010 10.1 T is a high resolution 10″ IP network monitor with capacitive touch display for use in road and rail vehicles.
It is ideally suited for use in a CCTV or driver assistance system.
Web applications from third-party manufacturers can be easily used on the monitor via an integrated browser.

Datasheet HydraIP MM2010 10.1 T