Fleet Management

FMS from DResearch is web-based application software that we developed for the centralised alarm management and maintenance of HydraIP systems. The mobile devices need to have a 3G/4G/LTE or WLAN module and must be at least partly online.

The heart of the FMS is the web application FLAME. It is located on a server in your organisation and can be accessed via a standard browser. This turns every computer with Internet access into a potential control centre for your video fleet.

If the recorders are equipped for data transfer via mobile telephony, you will immediately receive a signal of each alarm. You can then connect to the vehicle and view the situation live. In addition, you get the vehicle position displayed on a map (GPS positioning).

FMS also thoroughly simplifies checking and maintenance. Continuous (3G/4G/LTE) or when entering the depot (WLAN), you receive messages on the status of the mobile video systems. This way you are informed of all the important parameters promptly and without time-consuming running around. With the FMS, you are even able to download alarm sequences install updates and configure systems – all ‘remote’, from the office PC.

Privacy policies and works agreements can also be accurately implemented with FMS. You want your workshop manager to check the functionality of the systems, but not view any video data? You want another employee to receive alarm messages, but you may not set up a live feed? With FMS such special requirements are not a problem because the system allows the detailed and binding assignment of user profiles.