Image Finder NX Software

  • Analysis and retrieval software for quick and easy data analysis
  • Intuitive operation through ergonomic graphical user interface
  • Retrieval in additional data
  • Creation of password-protected backups incl. player software
  • Multiple password levels incl.
  • Included with the DResearch media recorder
Datasheet ImageFinderNX

Fleet Management Software FLAME

  • Powerful fleet and alarm management software
  • Remote access (W-LAN, 3G) to systems
  • Remote maintenance incl. automatic function checking, configuration and update
  • Remote data backup incl. automatic download of alarm sequences
  • Web-based applications with intuitive operation
Datasheet Fleetmanagement

DR People Counter Analysis Software

  • Simple software for analysing people counting data
  • Display of average values
  • Occupancy over time,
    occupancy over stops
  • Map display of stops when using
    GPS signal
  • Import of network data possible
  • Inlcuded in the scope of APC solution

Service & Maintenance tool

  • Display of system states, recorder info, state of counting modules
  • Camera live check, recording check
  • Data backup
  • Recorder configuration
  • Browser based software with
    password protection
  • Incorporated in all recorders