Open Interfaces

It’s illogical and expensive to install too many parallel structures on board vehicles. This is the reason why DResearch followed the open interfaces approach with its multifunctional video systems. The intention is for customers to continue using existing hardware and software structures when switching to HydraIP systems – and for them to still have a choice later when electronic onboard systems are refurbished, extended or combined.

We also follow this approach in automatic passenger counting. HydraIP users can decide at any time whether they want to use parts of their video fleet also for passenger counting. All DResearch systems with network interfaces are equipped for the processing of count data from over-door cameras. Moreover, DResearch also provides interfaces for the integration of infrared counters. On request, even older models can still be used.

Openness is also the product maxim at the other end of the counting process, in statistics software. The raw data processed and stored by DResearch recorders can be made available to the in-house software (without statistical functions) or to the market-leading statistics tools. Further adjustments can be made at any time. Simply talk to us about it.