Video Solutions

The prevention of vandalism is one of the outcomes of video solutions in public transport. First and foremost, it is about increasing the feeling of safety among passengers and transport staff and to deter potential offenders. Whoever knows that he or she will be filmed at their ‘heroic exploits’ and see his photo in the newspaper the next day, rather holds back than someone who knows that he or she is unobserved.

It is especially on problem routes, disco cruises and night buses that the presence of a reliable video system provides great comfort. The cameras often prevent worse, and if something does happen, there is at least an incorruptible witness. For these reasons, more and more drivers and works councils now call for the installation of video systems. In the meantime, video has become mandatory in many new investments in the rail and bus sector. The police also benefits, because the images from mobile cameras assist them in investigating crimes.

In case of accidents our video solutions provide an incorruptible witness. When a passenger is caught in the door, and another falls when the vehicle goes through a bend, it is often the word of one against that of another. Video images help to clarify and to prevent litigation, without the injured passengers feeling they had been wronged.

Our video solutions are flexible and future-proof. They can be equipped with analogue or high-resolution IP cameras; we can even supply hybrid recorders for parallel operation. All HydraIP series systems are modular. They can at any time be extended with features such as automatic passenger counting, live video transmission via mobile telephony or GPS location, or supplied directly as multifunctional combined systems.